Hello Website Visitor !  Here’s a message from Heather Raines… Mother…, Creator and Senior Managing Therapist.

Sadly for us, our Day Spa life changed for our team and clients on 31 January 2015. The reason for these changes were unfortunately beyond our control.   The Brisbane City Council made changes to the zoning in our area, which caused several apartments buildings to be built in our direct neighbourhood. The subsequent road blockages and building site noise has made it impossible for Rainesforest Day Spa to continue its tranquil and peaceful care of clients for treatments and relaxing spa time.  I am therefore very sorry to tell you, that Rainesforest Day Spa is now closed, and this is a great loss to our community and the general wellbeing of the Indooroopilly and wider neighbourhood.

As Rainesforest’s Mother, Creator and Senior Managing Therapist, I have put a couple of lovely options in place, so that your body, mind and spirit’s health can still be cared for.  Just click on the big green button below to go to my new website!


Additionally, if you are looking for a single treatment experience, I am also able to help you at various inner city locations, South Brisbane, Spring Hill or Milton, depending on scheduling availability.  Please telephone/text me on 0488 444 182, or email me on for all assistance.  I can help with Gift Vouchers, Health Fund Receipts and extended trading hours.

Thank you for your support and interest in the past. I hopefully look forward to still being of assistance to you going forward. If you have any questions or would just like to have a chat about these changes, please know that I welcome the opportunity to talk with you.

Best wishes and gratitude

Heather Raines

Professional Member, Australian Association of Massage Therapists, Massage Australia and Australasian Spa Association. Australian Health Fund Provider for Massage